Going back to the days when COVID had messed up the entire lifestyle, it was extremely difficult to explore or go on a trip. However, after a long wait, as COVID began to decrease, travelling is coming back into action. More people are gearing up to get out there and explore the world. But travelling again comes with group and solo trips, so which one are you?! 

Group tours are fun, but solo trips can be just as much fun if you make it—it’s spontaneous, you get to travel on your own terms, you can change your plans, and you can see things purely from your own perspective. What comes next is the destination, and no doubt “Goa” hits the top list. One of the most hyped locations due to its natural beauty, culture, nightlife, and Susegad vibes. Indeed, Goa is full of goodness, but with that comes a Do’s and Don’ts factor for making your trip actually successful, and if you’re on the fence about going solo, here are some pointers to help you make your decision.

#Do’s No. 1

Do Your Research Because your safety is the most important consideration, Goa is suitable for solo travellers. If you’re wondering whether Goa is safe for female tourists, the answer is yes. Although you can dispel the doubt that Goa is safe to travel alone, you should take general safety measures, such as strolling on beaches during the daytime, especially if you intend to visit hidden beaches that are less crowded, carry pepper spray for safer side, do experience nightlife in Goa, which is the main attraction, but try being in populated areas, a limit on alcohol consumption and opt for safer and standard clubs. So to be sure about all these things prior it’s very important to research about the areas you want to cover.

#Don’ts No. 1

You’ll meet new people while travelling, which is the best part because it broadens the mind by getting to know new people and learning about their culture, travel experiences, and so on. However, keep this in mind: “don’t give out too much information.” Avoid oversharing about yourself and your plans with any new person to be on the safe side.

#Do’s No. 2

Flying to Goa seems fun until you have to travel through the internal cities, right? And it’s super difficult to run behind buses with huge luggage when the whole place is new to you! For this, why not rent a vehicle or a self-driven car for a smooth journey? That’s going to be your complete comfort zone, and it will be much easier to catch the sunsets and feel the breeze as you drive along the beaches of Goa.

#Don’ts No. 2

Don’t run out of cash. There’s nothing worse than being stranded with no cash in a new city, surrounded by people you don’t know and speaking a language you barely understand. One piece of advice is to always plan your expenses in advance, spend wisely, and always carry extra. This is something less discussed but practically very important.

#Do’s No. 3

Goa is full of adventure and beauty treats, so if you have itchy feet to explore the exciting side of Goa, break your journey and get in your adventurous shoes! This place offers a lot of watersports activities at almost every beach, and if you are here for peaceful sunsets, then you have got to check out some of the hidden beaches residing in the tranquil zone. Goa is not just about the beaches but is also home to many cultural and religious spots, including beautiful churches, temples, and serene mosques. A stroll in the villages, along with a cup of tea and entertaining stories by the villagers, will make your trip a memorable one.

#Don’ts No. 3

As everyone knows, the dressing style in Goa is quite relaxed in comparison to There is no shortage of alcohol and parties in this city. It’s not just any old liquor, either; it’s cheap alcohol. Of course, you should have fun, but you should do so responsibly. You don’t want to lose your temper towards the locals because they won’t appreciate it. You also don’t want to be driving or lying on the beach boozed up and end up in trouble with the cops. Avoid overdrinking, which can be inappropriate for the place, people, and you too. Make your trip enjoyable and worthwhile.

#Do’s No. 4

The Goan cuisine is something that will make you come back for sure. The power that a basic “fish curry rice ” holds will be unbeatable for sure. So if you are in and around Goa, don’t forget to try the authentic Goan fare for an unforgettable culinary experience. Goa houses plenty of cute cafes where you can chill with some good coffee or enjoy a luxury stay in a resort with a beach view. And,d of course! End your day by hitting your feet at the most popular nightclubs in Goa!

#Don’ts No. 4

Goa Trip is a highly hyped location among travellers and it is indeed the best place to explore, but at the same time, it is equally important to keep the area clean by not littering, throwing plastic around, and so on, in order to make your trip worthwhile.

Goa has its own unique beauty to be admired, offering everything from adventure to delectable cuisine. So pack your bag and get into vacation mode. I hope these suggestions help you plan better and have a memorable trip.

Happy Journey!