Planning an adventurous trip to Goa? You are probably in a dilemma of choosing between a rental taxi/cab or a self-driven car. Let us go through some of the Benefits of booking a self-driven car for your goa trip.

Freedom of Driving:

Setting this beautiful state apart from all the other states is the wide and unwinding roads that are every driver’s pleasure that cannot be skipped. The freedom of self-driving on these soothing roads of Goa shall only make your road trip in Goa more pleasurable.


Renting a self-drive car is always cost effective when it comes to hiring a taxi or a cab as you will not be tempted to worry about the rates increasing as per the travel time and duration with self-drive cars you skip the per kilometer charges quoted by the cab owner.


No one likes a third person involved, especially in their private conversations. Having an unknown driver in the car on your long journey in Goa might restrict the entire group from having open conversations and enjoy the freedom to crack private jokes among your group.

Adore the small stops:

Driving by the beautiful bridges and the relaxing beaches of Goa will definitely make you stop to adore the beautiful sites of Goa and capture pictures whenever needed. The road through Goa is a road to paradise, dressed with nature and draped in wonder. Regretting not stopping at such roadside spots may turn out to be a big bummer. 

With no driver and the itinerary of your freedom, you can freely visit all of these without having the trouble of requesting the driver of your rental car.

Hygiene and safety:

Today, with the covid pandemic still on the rise, social distancing and regular hygiene become the topmost priority, times like these make it best to rent out a car and enjoy your own quarantined drive in Goa without an outside driver for you to worry about.

Driving at your Comfort:

Although the drivers assigned by Zain Travels come with experience and safety, many do not feel comfortable with a different driving style, with self-driving cars, you have the wheel in your hands and the accelerator at your feet allowing you to be comfortable in your driving pleasure.

The decision to get a self-driven car or a rental Cab/taxi will ultimately depend on whether you would like to take the wheel in your hands or let it be controlled by a professional driver as assigned by Zain Travels, but the advantages of getting a self-driven car definitely overweigh the decision of a rental cab.